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  • ? or _ : any character (one time)


  • *xxx* : any word containing xxx
  • x* : all words begining with x
  • *x : words ending with x
  • ??x* : all words with letter/phoneme x in third position
  • *x? : all words with letter/phoneme x in next to last position

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ORTHO Orthographic Form
PHON Phonological Form
P-SYLL Syllabic Segmentation
G-SEG Graphemic segmentation
P-SEG Phonemic Segmentation
GP-MATCH Grapheme-Phoneme association

Length Metrics Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
NBLET Number of Letters AND
NBSYLL Number of Syllables AND
NBPHON Number of Phonemes AND
NBGRAPH Number of Graphemes AND

Grade-Dependant Criteria

Discriminability Metrics Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
NBON Number of Orthographic Neighbors AND
NBPGN Number of Phonographic Neighbors AND
NBHP Number of Homophones AND
NBHG Number of Homographs AND
NBHPNG Number of Homophones not Homographic AND
NBHGNP Number of Homographs not Homophonic AND

Lexical Frequency (per million) Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
U Orthographic-Form Frequency AND
Bigram Frequency Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
F-BIG-T Mean bigram frequency (whole word) AND
F-BIG-I First-bigram frequency AND
F-BIG-M Mean middle-bigram frequency AND
F-BIG-F Last-bigram frequency AND

Syllable Frequency Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
F-SYL-I First-syllable frequency AND
F-SYL-M Mean middle-syllable frequency AND
F-SYL-F Last-syllable frequency AND

Orthography-to-Phonology Consistency Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
CO-GP-T Mean OP consistency (whole word) AND
CO-GP-I First-OP-association consistency AND
CO-GP-M Mean middle-OP-association consistency AND
CO-GP-F Last-OP-association consistency AND

Phonology-to-Orthography Consistency Min Q1 Q2 Q3 Max
CO-PG-T Mean PO consistency (whole word) AND
CO-PG-I First-PO-association consistency AND
CO-PG-M Mean middle-PO-association consistency AND
CO-PG-F Last-PO-association consistency AND